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From Eric Charles:

Dear Friend,

I'm extremely excited to share this formula with you today. This is my very best, most effective and most powerful method to get (and keep) the love of any man you choose... all distilled down into one extremely potent, easy-to-apply, step by step formula that's guaranteed to create the love you've always wanted in your love life.

WARNING: Before I go any further, I have to warn you. This formula is NOT for a woman that simply wants to get a guy to like them. This is only for women who want to trigger an extremely deep, powerful and lasting bond with a specific man. Please ONLY use this with a man you intend to have a serious relationship with because the effects of using this formula are extremely strong, deep and long lasting.

So before you read the rest of this letter, please promise me that you will only use this formula wisely, respectfully and responsibly. Thank you.

Now let me ask you a question...

Have you ever been in a position with a guy you just couldn't understand... even when you replayed it again and again in your mind?

Have you ever thought any of these things:

  • Everything seemed fine, but now he's clearly losing interest... what happened?

  • Why does he never text me back?

  • Does this guy even like me? Is he actually into me?

  • Why do I always end up with jerks?

  • Why doesn't he like me the way he used to?

  • What am I doing wrong in my love life? I can't seem to get the man I want to commit to me...

  • How is it that some women, who aren't nearly as good of a catch as I am, end up with such amazing, handsome men in great, loving relationships?

  • I wish I could have the loving relationship I want without all of this confusion, frustration and heartache...

If you've ever thought these things, don't worry, it's not just you. Keep reading, because I'll reveal secrets that'll permanently alter the way you think of love, relationships and men. I'll show you how to create, intensify and keep the love you want with the man you want... the good looking, intelligent, devoted man you want... who has his life together.

I'll reveal how to make him fall madly, completely and deeply in love with you. How to make him fixated on being around you and make adoring you his #1 priority. But before I reveal that, I want to make it clear that if you haven't yet created and experienced the kind of heart-pumping romance and love you've always wanted, it isn't your fault.

I'll reveal how to make him fall madly, completely and deeply in love with you. How to make him fixated on being around you and make adoring you his #1 priority. But before I reveal that, I want to make it clear that if you haven't yet created and experienced the kind of heart-pumping romance and love you've always wanted, it isn't your fault.

Hollywood paints this picture of an ideal of "love story" that doesn't exist in reality. Our culture, society and mainstream media re-enforces this flawed idea of what love is supposed to look like... Well, this false idea of what love is ends up sabotaging your shot at truly finding, keeping and experiencing love.

On top of that, the resources women have available to them on how to actually create and keep true love are sorely lacking. The internet and magazines are filled with bad advice that simply does not work in the real world and ends up just making relationships and love into a confusing, frustrating, complicated mess.

So many women have come to me who felt lost, confused and frustrated every time something went wrong in their love lives. They'd come to me, pouring their hearts out, telling me how they'd gone out of their way to seek out dating advice, personal development courses, asked their guy friends for input and even tried going out with men who weren't normally the kind they'd go for. And yet, they'd still end up with "those kind of guys."

You know the kind of guys I'm talking about... Have you ever met and even dated...

The guy who refused to make things official. You had intense feelings for him and honestly believed he had the same level of investment as you did... but he refused to put a label on things and seemed indifferent about your future together.

The man who didn't appreciate you. You'd go out of your way to make him happy, but no matter what you did, it was never enough. You were caring, womanly and constantly supportive when he needed you... and yet he didn't even notice or acknowledge you.

The guy you thought you hit it off with... and then he never contacted you after. You were completely confused, sad and disappointed because you took a risk and made yourself vulnerable and then he abandoned you. You mustered up the courage to confess your true feelings to him and he pulled away, emotionally withdrew and became distant.

The guy who vanished after you had sex. You figured after having sex with him, he'd want to stick around... or perhaps you figured he had more interest in you than just hooking up, but afterwards it was clear he didn't want anything beyond just sex... Regardless, he vanished and it honestly shocked you.

The guy who you're terrified will abandon you for some other woman. Perhaps you're in a monogamous relationship at the moment or maybe you've felt this way before... You didn't know exactly why or what made you feel this way... but your gut instinct always told you that you were a lot more invested than he was.

If You Said "Yes" To Any Of The Above...

You seriously need to discover exactly how to make a man fall in love with you and become the woman he can't help fall for. Immediately.

And the best part is it's honestly nowhere near as difficult as you might assume. There are a couple key principles you need to know.

The biggest issue boils down to women not knowing what truly makes a man fall in love and want to devote himself to you. Women just don't know how to truly read and understand men. They'll look to advice in women's magazines and consult with their friends about what to do...

Problem is, their female friends are equally clueless about what really makes a man tick or they try to copy what Hollywood portrays (which is completely false imagery that ends up sabotaging them).

I know women don't truly "get" men, since if they did, they'd be able to make the man they want fall in love without it ever being an issue in the first place.

Men would be helpless to you and make you their #1 priority. They'd bend over backwards to please you. Out of the blue, they'd become hopeless romantics obsessed with making you happy.

The best part is that there is still time for you to make this your reality... And if you want to have the power to make a man fall in love with you at your fingertips...

Then I Have Great News For You!

Like I told you before, so many women have come to me who were in the position you are in right now. So I made the choice to end this pain once and for all.

I went online and conducted a survey with more than 5,000 people. I asked them a bunch of personal questions and made sure this stuff worked in real life.

I didn't just ask women questions, because like I told you before, women don't understand what really makes a man tick. Instead, I surveyed men and asked questions that probed deep into their hidden, private thoughts... I went way beyond the surface and pried out the truth, a formula, about what truly makes a man fall deeply, madly and completely in love.

And as soon as I gave my formula to women, their love life seemed to shift overnight. I "decoded" what truly makes any man, no matter how guarded, distant or difficult, fall madly in love and was truly shocked at the success women had after putting this formula to work in their love life...

Let me reveal something to you... the women I gave this formula to were by no means "supermodels." They weren't unattractive but they definitely weren't the most gorgeous woman in the room, either.

Despite this, once these women began putting the formula to work, they had guys obsessively stalking them. They had so many guys harassing them to go on dates it was unreal. Men gawked and ogled them. These women were no longer attracting men looking for one-night-stands, but rather... men fixated on taking them out for romantic dates at the best, most expensive places.

Here's What Most
Women Are Unaware Of:

Making a man fall in love with you is almost entirely psychological.

Like I told you earlier, the women I've given the "Love Formula" to are by no means supermodels. If they really put in the effort, they'd be perceived as "pretty..." but in general, these women are your typical, plain Jane type of women.

With that said, these average, normal women ended up marrying the biggest "catches," the kind of men most women dream of ending up with.

Why? Well, because the it's exactly these psychology secrets that make men fall and stay madly in love. The whole notion of trying to make a man fall in love by making him chase you or playing hard to get is another lie sabotaging you. These are all myths that don't work in the real world.

I apologize if I'm being too blunt here, but I honestly just care too much about this. It still baffles me to think about the number of women that don't know the truth. It kills me to watch so many pretty, intelligent women who are just clueless when it comes to men.

And believe me, I witness it constantly. Since conducting research, surveying men and creating a formula with all the best information I gathered I created a program that's changed the love lives of women forever.

Emails from Women Who Have Used
The Love Formula...

I have to tell you how much I loved this program. It's changed my life. I don't feel confused about men anymore. I don't feel helpless anymore. I've already seen a shift in how men treat me and I can't get enough! Your program actually gets results, Eric!


I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for how much this has changed my life. It honestly cut deeply. You delved into the core of what I struggle with and I've come out with a newfound energy and inspiration. I've already started using the things you've taught me and the man I've been seeing has changed so much. He has no clue what I've discovered or that I'm even doing anything. All I know is things are finally amazing in our relationship. I'm recommending this to all my female friends. Thank you so, so much!

- Sandy

Holy crap! Seriously! Thank you so much for saving my love life and handing me the strength to actually shift the way things have been going for me. I've never thought of myself as "attractive" and I've never been good with guys. But at the moment guys are finally giving me the attention I've always wanted! And what's crazy is I've only done a couple things from the Love Formula!

I never send these kind of emails but this time I couldn't not do it. Amazing advice!


What I Discovered Can Help Any Woman

And that's the reason I made the choice to compile everything into one program, The Love Formula. It has every last component of what it takes to make a man fall in love with you. I am talking about true, everlasting love. The Love Formula gives you every piece of the puzzle that you need to make even the most guarded man fall in love.

You'd be shocked at what some women have said since they got the Love Formula.

Emails from Women Who Have Used
The Love Formula...

This is saving the relationship I'm in right now. I'm not confused by him anymore and he even told me "you understand me in a way no other woman has before." We have a true connection, finally.

-Name withheld

I can't explain how amazing it is the way you break down what actually makes a man fall in love in a concrete way. I'm truly in shock at how just from being a woman I have all this innate ability to influence a man that I never knew I had. I just began using the Love Formula and the way men treat me now compared to before has shifted dramatically. Men used to treat me like I was invisible. But now I finally feel secure and know in my heart that I'll never have to be alone again, unless it's my decision.


I've been in love with a man for ages but he's put me in the friend zone until he asked me to go on a date a couple hours ago! I'm in shock. I didn't know if the Love Formula would actually do anything for me but somehow it worked and in a short time too! Thank you so much, Eric!


The core of the Love Formula is to not only tell you exactly what works in the real world (with no fluff, BS or sugarcoating), but also to provide real-life examples of what works... to literally provide specific things you can say and do in any scenario with a man so there's no flying blind and you won't feel like you're guessing.

Here's A Brief Preview of What's Inside

  • My unique, simple and ruthlessly effective formula any woman can use to guarantee a lifetime of love, commitment and partnership with the man you want (no matter how hopeless, confused or heartbroken you might be feeling right now)...

  • The fastest way for a woman who's "not his type" to instantly make the man who isn't interested desperate for a relationship with her! (This secret not only changes how he sees you, but is often all you need to make him want to commit, since most men are not prepared for you to become so instantly and unexpectedly desirable!)

  • The surprising truth about why he isn't committing to you (that he would never admit) and exactly how to make him say "yes" now...

  • A secret "peek-behind-the-curtain" into all the things men talk about with each other, but never share with women... And how knowing a man's true nature will compel him to confide in you and share the parts of himself he wouldn't share with anyone else. The best part is, when you understand him like this, you'll never have to worry about being confused by him ever again...

  • 3 weird tricks designed to make a man who ignores you and loses interest into a love sick puppy dog, desperate for your attention and so eager to please you that he'll pursue you as if his life depends on it...

Email From A Woman Who Used
the Love Formula

Hi Eric, I have to say that the man I've been married to for ten years who lost interest in sex has finally wanted to sleep with me (and often) since I got access to the Love Formula. I only got through the beginning of it and it's as if the love that's been dormant inside him reignited for the first time in forever. I can only dream of how my marriage will be once I finish it. Thanks for all the amazing advice.

- A.L.

  • A simple technique that captures his attention and has him eagerly doing everything you want him to do (even if he's pulling away, emotionally withdrawing or seems to have lost all interest - this instantly reverses his behavior)...

  • Discover the specific thing that makes a man desperate to commit his entire mind, body and soul to you (HINT: it has nothing to do with looks, playing hard to get or anything like that...)

  • Why the single most common (and devastating) relationship problem among most couples that instantly turns him off is also the easiest to treat... once you know what the "experts" know!

  • The forbidden truth about what love really means to a man, but would never tell you (and it's so shocking and vulnerable, men guard this secret with every fiber of their being)...

  • The fatal mistake that makes it impossible for a man to open up to you... and the truth about what really makes men so scared to be vulnerable and share their true feelings with you (it's NOT what you think, either)...

  • The one thing men desperately need in a relationship, but could never tell you (and no, it's not sex)...

  • One shockingly simple technique that makes him see you as 10 times more attractive (HINT: it has nothing to do with looks)...

  • 5 fatal relationship mistakes that 95% of women think will help the relationship, but always end in heartbreak... and exactly how to avoid them (and how to reverse the damage if you've already made them) ...

Email From A Woman Who Used
the Love Formula

If only I had this a long time ago, my love life would've been so much more fulfilling. But I'm glad I'm no longer at the mercy of men anymore and know I can find a real man and finally be in the ideal kind of relationship I've always dreamed of. Thank you.


  • The truth about whether you actually slept with him too soon and how to know exactly when the right time is (HINT: this is going to make or break your relationship)...

  • How to read any man's true intentions towards you and give him exactly what he needs for him to commit, so you're never blindsided again...

  • The 3 surprising things men find irresistible in a woman, but are too terrified to ever reveal... so that you can drive a man crazy with desire so easily, it's as if you're pushing a button.

  • The one weird question every man asks himself before getting into a committed relationship with you... and how to guarantee his answer to committing is YES...

  • Top 3 reasons men break up with a woman (these 3 mistakes are so deadly, even if you are his "soul mate", he will be forced to break up with you)...

  • Exactly how to pinpoint the #1 relationship sabotaging "mindset mistake" you might unknowingly be making that automatically kills and blocks love...

  • 3 foolproof ways to make him see you as his #1 priority and never take you for granted again (instead, he'll bend over backwards to make you happy)

Email From A Woman Who Used
the Love Formula

Thank you Eric for suggesting this to me. It came at just the right moment since my husband just left me after being married for 18 years. I promised myself I wouldn't try the dating game for a long time because it was too soon. The reality is I was afraid men wouldn't want me or feel interested enough to want to take me on a date. But ever since I've gotten access to the Love Formula my entire outlook has shifted. By the time I got through the entire thing I felt assured that it was possible. Every time I learned a new part of the formula for making a man fall in love I would apply what I discovered. On the fourth day a man I admired from far away asked me to go to dinner that night. I'm finally on the road to healing. Thank you for saving me and guiding me through this dark period in my life and giving me the energy and belief that I deserve something more.

-Kathy L.

  • The #1 difference that defines whether your relationship is healthy and happy or ends up in heartbreak (it's something 99% of women don't know and isn't as clear as you'd think)...

  • The core of every relationship problem (knowing this one thing stops your relationship from falling apart)...

  • Learn the one thing men want more than anything - even more than love, a relationship, or sex... and how when you give this to him, he will practically worship you and make you his queen.

  • How to put "sexual charge" to work for you so that he never cheats with, craves or even notices another woman... Using this also makes sure the spark never dies in your relationship...

  • How to quickly defuse the "Relationship Time Bomb" that starts ticking when you've made a mistake! The simple way to guarantee your relationship stays strong and secure... forever.

  • Discover exactly what makes a man bend over backwards to make you happy (and think it was all his idea)... In fact, when you put this one secret to work for you, he'll not only do anything you could possibly want to keep you happy... he'll also be eager to please you and find new ways to please you...

  • 4 weird signs your relationship is headed toward heartbreak (and exactly how to reverse this doomed fate and turn it into the relationship you really want)...

  • How to avoid this one major roadblock that makes men not want an official relationship (HINT: It's a weird question all men ask themselves before deciding to commit) and how to make it so that his answer to this question is a guaranteed YES)...

  • A super simple, step-by-step, paint-by-numbers system any woman can use that guarantees you will have the passionate, loving, rock-solid relationship you've always wanted... without any frustration, worrying or confusion.

I feel very strongly about all the information I provide you with. The relationship I have with the women I help is very special and I feel being honest and giving the best advice possible that actually works in real life is absolutely necessary.

Emails From Women Who Used
The Love Formula

Any and all women need to have the Love Formula. This is literally a recipe to making any man, even the most guarded, closed off and difficult one... fall madly in love with you. This creates an eternal bond with the man you want. Thank you so much for giving such clear instructions and making it so simple to understand and use!

- Carrie

Have to say a big "thank you!" for this amazing information. I went through the entire thing the first day. It's too perfect and I'm so thrilled about the shift my love life is about to have. I'm so glad I got this. Thank you so much.


"AHHH I can't explain how obsessed I am with this. I got more from this than what I've learned from years of looking at advice columns about love. This is my "go-to" source for everything about men, relationships and love."


I suppose my question for you is...

How Much Is All of This Worth To You?

How much is being absolutely loved by any man worth?

I ask this question because I am aware of the fact that some of the women I've helped shell out hundreds for therapy or for coaching with relationship experts who say they have the answers. Some women spend hundreds on relationship advice and women's magazines. And then of course some women spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics, designer outfits, fancy nail polish, skin and hair products and in the extreme cosmetic procedures...

Or you can think about this in another way. How much money do you make an hour? Well, take that amount and multiply it by the number of hours you've spent in your lifetime failing with men... the amount might shock you!

Now I'm well aware love is more important than money. But it's still crazy to think of what not having the love you want is really costing you, isn't it?

The Love Formula won't be nearly the amount you've already spent. You see... To make your ideal man fall in love with you and force "the one" to bend over backwards to please, adore and cherish you...

Or to save a failing relationship and inject the spark back forever...

It won't cost $500. Or even $300 (even though prior to now, the discounted rate for this course has been $299.75... and you had to wait 19 weeks to receive the entire course!). In fact, since this is a unique "Insider's Only" offer if you decide to invest in this immediate shift in your love life, it will only cost $199.95.

The price will be increasing in the near future, but since you arrived here today you don't have to think about that.

I Am Positive You'll Love
The Love Formula

I am aware that you might be wary of buying yet another course on how to make a man love you from the internet. I get it, there's a lot of stuff out there making big promises on how you can just push a button in a man's mind and he'll immediately become obsessed with you.

That's why I have made this an easy decision by giving you a full 60 day money back guarantee. I'm so confident that you'll love the Love Formula, that I'm willing to take on all the risk myself.

In fact (not to toot my own horn), I wouldn't be surprised if you decide it's the most effective course you've ever experienced on how to get the love you want shortly after going through it, but in the off-chance that you aren't more than satisfied with it, all you have to do is shoot me a message and request a refund. I'll happily refund every penny, no hassle, no hard feelings... we'll still be friends.

As I mentioned before, the most important thing in creating this course was to give you something truly powerful, truly effective and truly life changing. I would never even think of selling something that I didn't believe was the absolute best out there to get you the success, love and real-life results you've always wanted.

I don't want this to be "just another course" you buy. I want this to be the last course you ever need to buy because after this, everything you've ever wanted in your love life has been finally handled... and instead of searching for the key to getting the love you've always wanted, you'll finally have it for the rest of your life.

Here's What You Need To Do

If you want the Love Formula all you need to do is fill out this order form below. You'll be able to access it immediately... so in as little as 2 minutes you could be putting my Love Formula to work for you instantly right from the comfort of your phone, tablet or laptop.

If you're currently with a man have no fear... even if they check your credit card or whatever payment method you use, the statement will only show "CLKBANK*KEYNETICS". And if you aren't in a relationship, there will be no trace of this for your guy to ever see.

I'm honestly so excited for you to get your hands on the Love Formula and report back to me how you enjoyed it. Please email and write to me when you get the results you want (I'll provide my email address) because I can't explain how much it means to me when I receive success stories.

I'm so excited for you to be that woman men can't help fall for.

Don't Decide Right Now...Take Advantage Of My Unconditional Triple Guarantee:

Just try "The Love Formula Program" for yourself for a full 60 days. If you don't get deep, passionate and unbreakable love with the man you want within those 60 short days...

Or If you don't think you've learned anything useful from it or it doesn't apply to your life.

Or heck, you don't even need a reason, just send me an email and I'll happily refund every last penny.

No questions and no hassles!

I'm sure this will permanently alter your love life. And that is the reason, like I mentioned before, I'm making this a win-win decision for you.

Keep in mind... this is a one-hundred-percent money back guarantee and you can get a refund at any time within 60 days if you aren't completely satisfied with it.

So if you're prepared to begin forcing men to fall madly, deeply and truly in love with you... To make them bend over backwards to make you smile... and make you feel like the only woman in the world... then order the Love Formula right now.

Yes! I want the Love Formula!

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   Hope it helps,
Eric Charles

P.S. Don't forget that this is a risk-free offer (the only risk is not taking this opportunity and experiencing total disappointment in your love life if you don't seize this opportunity). I'd be sad to watch you miss this chance to experience the kind of love, commitment and romance you've always wanted.

P.P.S. You never, ever have to be confused, frustrated or heartbroken again. In as early as tonight, rather than searching online for answering, you could be putting my powerful, one-of-a-kind Love Formula to work for you... and enjoying the kind of love and romance you've always wanted in your life.

Emails from Women Who Have Used
The Love Formula...

Thank you so much for your newsletter and your amazing Love Formula. I'm always more than happy to get your input and honest, helpful advice on understanding men and relationships. I honestly can't thank you enough for the real-life experience and testing you've brought into your advice. You've truly changed my love life for the better and I can't express how much it means to me.


I got the Love Formula 5 days ago and I can't get enough of it. Thank you so much for getting straight to the point in a simple way I could easily grasp. I've never realized how I had what it takes to make a man fall in love with me all along, I just didn't know it... But now I do, thanks to you. It's given me so much strength.